what it means if you don’t jaywalk.

what it means if you don’t jaywalk.

Yesterday was a crappy day. I don’t mean that in the I-was-feeling-depressed-about-life way, but rather in the it-was-windy-and-rainy-and-freezing-and-yes-it-actually-hailed kind of way.  And since it was so unnaturally unpleasant outside, I naturally crossed all streets without thinking about whether any cars were coming who may technically have had the right of way. I say naturally because, … Continue reading

train tales from the Quiet Car.

Growing up in the Midwest, trains were not a mode of transportation with which I had much interaction. There was a train that used to drive past my grandmother’s house in Iowa City (with a friendly conductor who would sound his horn and wave as he sped by), but I’m reasonably sure that train was … Continue reading

I’m thankful for hockey for ben.

Ben likes my blog, and I like Ben. So, I’ve decided to blog about his favorite thing in the whole wide world: the hockey.  And in case you’re wondering about my use of “the,” before “hockey,” that’s another fun fact to know about Ben: he enjoys using unnecessary articles. It’s a habit that is quite … Continue reading

text me when I’m flying.

Hi. Sorry it’s been so long. I’m a bad blogger. I’ve been busy doing all of the things. Literally. All of the things. As of September 1, I moved down the road and out of the Boston zip code and am officially an Allston dweller. Or perhaps I wasn’t an official Allston dweller until last … Continue reading

how to write the next Great American Novel.

WARNING: This post contains all kinds of spoilers for America’s literary classics. If you have any interest in reading those books one day, then you probably shouldn’t read this. On the other hand, if you have no desire to read the classics but wouldn’t mind having a general idea of what they are about so … Continue reading

I hate my sister.

The first thing that you need to know is that I have the greatest sister in the entire world. Sorry if you thought that you did. I’m sure your sister is perfectly adequate, but I promise you that mine is better. Once when we were a younger we went to a market in New Mexico, … Continue reading